Esselstyn Diet

The Esselstyn Diet is one of the most strictest type of nutrition and diet treatment for the prevention and reversal of heart disease to date. After the news of the former United States president, Bill Clinton, suffering a cardiovascular condition the name Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. made a great following. Dr. Esselstyn is a world renowned surgeon from the Cleveland Clinic who has suggested a dietary regimen for the politician to prevent the further progression of heart disease to fatal levels, the so called Esselstyn diet.

While this method of treating heart disease is found to be very strict on what to eat especially the elimination of fish and nuts on the diet, it does showed excellent results from this very extensive study of real people with heart disease or at least have several open heart surgeries. While some dieticians and nutritionist did not like the exclusion of eggs, nuts, and fish on the diet, it has ample support from other cardiologist who are profoundly amazed at the results of these patients that have undergone the Esselstyn diet.

How Strict Is Esselstyn Diet

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Esselstyn Diet

The Esselstyn diet is the result of the attempts of the physician to reduce the health care costs faced by people suffering from different circulatory conditions and the families who are at risk of developing them. Being a cardiac surgeon himself, he understands the need to weigh risks of making someone undergo procedures like angioplasty or bypass graft, with the outcome being unsure.

He was able to create a dietary regimen based on the combination of plants, essential oils and a good kind of meat. As time went by, the Esselstyn diet underwent changes further dividing the compliance to this dietary regimen between the strict version of the diet and the modified one.

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Esselstyn Diet And Learn How Strict Is The Esselstyn Diet Now!

The STRICT DIETARY REGIMEN. The Esselstyn diet has a simple rule of eating only vegetables specifically beans and lentils, fresh and non sweetened fruits, and whole grains. The rationale for this type of diet is to increase the amount of other nutrients in the body such as proteins and carbohydrates while reducing the amount of fat. This is because it is the fats that lead to blockage in the arteries of the heart causing decreased blood flow and worse, muscle death to the area of the heart not receiving enough blood.

The use of whole grains and restriction from using sweetened fruits as well as sugar itself is because the targeted carbohydrates are not the simple ones such as those found in table sugar, white bread and pastries. Simple carbohydrates when taken in excess beyond the body needs at the moment become stored in the body as fats. On the other hand, the whole grains which are an essential part of the Esselstyn diet because these foods offer complex form of carbohydrates – and aside from these not being stored as fats, these complex ones take too long to be absorbed thus reducing a desire to increase food intake. The good sources of these complex carbohydrates include corn, wheat bread, barley and other oats.

A Modified Version Of The Esselstyn Diet

The Esselstyn diet removes meat and dairy products such as chicken and eggs, fish, flour, white bread, dairy products and use of animal oil. These are the rich sources of the bad cholesterol that causes heart and other blood vessel disorders. It also places a restriction on some methods of food preparation such as frying, broiling, basting and sautéed means of cooking.

The MODIFIED and more flexible version. Nutritionists have reacted after Esselstyn diet was presented to the public since he removed the inclusion of animal oil and meat in the diet. Plants do not offer as much heme iron, folate and cobalamine like meat does, causing a risk of developing anemia, a blood condition which if not managed well can lead to life threatening heart problems. The result is a modified diet that allows fish and some kinds of nuts in the diet to allow a balanced distribution of nutrients in the body.

With all these diets and type of nutrition on how to prevent and reverse heart disease, it should be noted and followed so that most of us if not all of us will benefit from and live a healthy life. Start feeling better with the Esselstyn diet and live a fuller life

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